Integrated IT

Blending our experience and skill sets with your IT team

We Bridge The Gap

Imagine how large your IT department would have to be to fulfill every one of your business IT demands: internal systems, websites, availability, development, disaster recovery and business continuity, end user problem resolution, programming, etc.

Then consider the ongoing cost of employees training and development to maintain pace with constantly-changing technologies and their impact on your competitive position.

  • CPTECH Integrated IT bridges the gap between the capacity of your IT department and the increasing demand for fast-moving, stable, high-performance business technology.
  • We create solutions for the complexities of private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • We use expertise and resources to bundle technologies, software and solutions and provide them ‘as a service.’
  • We partner with you to elevate your strategic IT profile and help meet your business goals and objectives.

Integrated IT Services

Proactive Support
We constantly monitor your infrastructure and proactively resolve any issues that arise, in most cases before you even know a problem exists. Our solution architects design business-focused cloud solutions all day, every day.
Offloading Routine IT Functions
Some IT activities are just about keeping the lights on. Others are contributing directly to the success of the business. We help you spend less time on the former and more on the latter
Capacity Planning
Does your business experience peaks in traffic during certain holiday periods or end-of-quarter activity frenzies? Do you purchase spare IT capacity that may be used only once or twice a year? We assist with planning how much capacity you will need and flex your infrastructure capacity up or down on demand.
Guide for Future Road-Mapping
Future-proofing your infrastructure with expert help is one of the best ways of ensuring the resilience of your business going forward. Being stuck with legacy on-premises equipment in a fast-changing marketplace can create serious problems for businesses.
Economies of Scale
Supplier relationships and wholesale purchasing allow us to deliver the best possible value for our clients.

Our Integrated IT Solutions are designed to optimize cost and quality effectiveness and drive business results.



Managed IT

Your job is building your business. Our job is taking care of your IT.

Integrated IT

Blending our experience and skill with your IT team.

Cloud Solutions

Move to the cloud with confidence. Custom, cloud-based solutions tailored to your business needs.

Data Center Services

Our TIA 942 compliant data center and network offers high-performance solutions including disaster recovery.

Network & Cyber-Security

Protect your systems and data from disaster, advanced threats, exploits and zero-day attacks. Information security for your company.

Training Solutions

Stay ahead with top-notch technology training.

Professional Services

Simple and complicated I.T. projects on time and on budget.