Cardinal Point Technologies is a business IT solutions provider serving organizations up to 500 employees in the Chicago/Great Lakes, Indiana region of the United States.  We empower small and medium-sized businesses and organizations to be industry leaders by directly supporting their vision, mission and values with a unique technology-as-a-service mix that can be defined as “IT that always works.”  Our mix includes a wide range of value-driven, enterprise-grade solutions including 24/7 monitoring & management, VDI, remote applications, cloud solutions & services, network and cybersecurity solutions, Microsoft Office 365, end-user help desk, on-site engineering and IT consulting services, development, email, 

backup, business continuity and disaster recovery, infrastructure, full support and financial or procurement services. 

We believe that technology plays a supportive role to process which is where true innovation takes place. Unlike many IT solution providers, our team is comprised of both a broad-base of technical experts and separate leadership having senior-level business acumen, not just business-technical resources. We understand IT at its highest level of contribution, a strategic investment of critical resources designed to drive business results.


  • Frustrated with IT resulting from a lack of leadership and knowledge regarding how it applies.
  • At their wits-end with IT as-a-whole because it does not meaningfully support their practice.
  • Confused about the IT “black hole” of costs and how that ties to requirements.
  • With a reactive, break-fix approach to IT and want to understand how they can redistribute resources in a proactive, top-down value-driven manor to gain momentum and increase ROI.
  • Needing C-level planning, strategy and accountability.
  • Needing a trusted IT partner for a blended strategy with internal IT resources.

Does this sound too familiar?

  • I understand how to run a business. Shouldn’t my IT be run the same?
  • My current IT provider can be filed under the category of over-promise, under-deliver.
  • My IT resource is no longer available. What next?
  • I’m frustrated with my IT. I hate IT. I just want it to work.
  • Shouldn’t my IT team have told me that?
  • Security and disaster-recovery scares me. Is my organization at-risk? Can you quantify that?
  • Our IT is just messed up. I need help.
  • I want someone to listen to me about my business before selling me an IT solution.
  • What is the cloud? Is it right for me?
  • We are growing. I know my IT needs to follow suit but I don’t know where to start.
  • I’m tired of the roller-coaster experience when it comes to IT spend.
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Cardinal Point Technologies offers an array of customized IT solutions that make the most business sense for your organization. Many Cardinal Point Technologies clients prefer that we handle their entire IT system, including desktops, servers, networks and more. We also provide cutting-edge IT solutions for organizations with busy or over-committed IT staffs.

Whatever your situation, our solutions team works directly with you and your team to align your entire technology solution with your organizational goals and objectives.

Managed IT

Your job is building your business. Our job is taking care of your IT.

Integrated IT

Blending our experience and skill sets with your IT team.

Cloud Solutions

Move to the cloud with confidence. Custom, cloud-based solutions tailored to your business needs.

Data Center Services

Let us manage your Network for better performance.

Network & Cyber-Security

Protect your systems and data. Protect your company.

Training Solutions

Stay ahead with top-notch Technology Training.

Professional Services

Complete projects on time and on budget.