Client Intimacy & Engagement

Client Intimacy

Our aim at Cardinal Point Technologies is to build deep, multi-level, multi-channel, insightful relationships, where best-in-class customer service is a given at every turn.  We refer to this dynamic as client intimacy, and it extends far beyond the stereotypical definition of good (or even very good) customer service. It places the primary focus of the relationship on outcomes, not transactions. 

True client intimacy drives the roots of every relationship to a deeper level of satisfaction. It leverages the collective intelligence and knowledge of seemingly minor relationship details to solve problems, using resources clients are not aware they have and yielding solutions they are not aware they need. 

To make this possible, every aspect of the relationship must become intentional.  It must be woven into the fabric of every interaction – down to the most basic of levels.  For example, our customer experience specialists never simply remedy an issue and close a ticket as a check off the list. Without exception, they follow-up to insure everything is functioning properly and additional issues have not cropped up, and respond to any follow-up questions or concerns. Whereas most IT providers fix and flee, Cardinal Point shows care and concern at every step of every touch point.

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Our IT System Philosophy

We believe that IT systems are living, breathing mechanisms (people, processes and infrastructure) with rich, untapped potential.  We believe that effective IT systems are instrumental in driving business results by creating more efficient processes that optimize business outcomes.  We believe in positive discovery. Current strengths are identified, celebrated and built upon.

CP Tech Critical Path To Business Success


Our top priority with every new client is to listen and learn, so we can fully understand how your business functions internally and externally. We care about everything you care about: vision, mission and values, goals and objectives, issues and challenges, customers, competition, everything!

Once we develop a clear understanding of your business dynamics, we are able to assess your current IT system in terms of its level of organizational effectiveness. We use a carefully crafted, positive discovery process that evaluates your entire IT system (people, processes and infrastructure).


Building on the strengths of your current system, we design a customized IT solution that maximizes the return on investment (ROI) of your IT capabilities, infrastructure and resources. We prioritize our recommendations according to key outcome factors, including impact, time and cost.


We employ a custom-designed onboarding process focused on transparency and ease of transition for employees at every level. We personally and directly guide the entire process.


We become your partner for long-term success. Maintaining business and IT synergy is an ongoing process. We work proactively with your leadership team to ensure your information technology systems and processes continue to align with the overarching goals of your business.